Eight of the architects of the Flint Water Resistance, LeeAnne Walters, Arthur Woodson, Tonya Williams, Keri Webber, Tracy Hacker, Jessica Owens, Tim Grey and Jessica Lewis formed the non-profit “C Do” (aka Community Development Organization of Flint) to respond to the tremendous healthcare, infrastructure, education and economic impact that the Flint Water Crisis has had and is having on their community.


The founders of C Do, alongside other Flint residents, were each instrumental in uncovering the Flint Water Crisis and are now transferring their efforts into Flint’s recovery. The purpose of C Do will be to provide response to the events commonly known as the Flint Water Crisis. C Do is a citizen-created and citizen-managed organization that addresses the city of Flint, Michigan’s infrastructure, healthcare, educational, family assistance, and economic development needs that have resulted from the Flint Water Crisis and the long-term economic and civic challenges of the community.


With the assistance of an international advisory and support group, the citizens will provide these services while maintaining transparent distribution of funds and a forum for community response. C Do will also answer the vital need of citizen oversight of other recovery efforts based on the core belief that full transparency of these efforts is the only way to rebuild the trust of the Flint Community.

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