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April 25, 2016







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FLINT, MI –  Today eight of the architects of the Flint Water Resistance, LeeAnne Walters, Arthur Woodson, Tonya Williams, Keri Webber, Tracy Hacker, Jessica Owens, Tim Grey and Jessica Lewis announced they are forming a non-profit “C Do” (aka Community Development Organization of Flint) to respond to the tremendous healthcare, infrastructure, education and economic impact that the Flint Water Crisis has had and is having on their community.  


The founders of C Do, alongside other Flint residents, were each instrumental in uncovering the Flint Water Crisis and are now transferring their efforts into Flint’s recovery.


The purpose of C Do will be to provide response to the events commonly known as the Flint Water Crisis.  C Do is a citizen-created and citizen-managed organization that addresses the city of Flint, Michigan’s infrastructure, healthcare, educational, family assistance, and economic development needs that have resulted from the Flint Water Crisis and the long-term economic and civic challenges of the community. With the assistance of an international advisory and support group, the citizens will provide these services while maintaining transparent distribution of funds and a forum for community response.  C Do will also answer the vital need of citizen oversight of other recovery efforts based on the core belief that full transparency of these efforts is the only way to rebuild the trust of the Flint Community.


Initial programs that were announced today include:


Peer to Peer Family Assistance Email Hotline:

Flint residents can email with any question or concerns regarding the Flint Water Crisis and recovery.  All emails will be answered within 72 hours to ensure that all residents are informed about the resources available to the citizens of Flint.


Water Distribution:

C Do will begin distribution of donated water to citizens.



C Do will document and publish the work proposed and done in Flint by other organizations with the aim to encourage transparency by all organizations and individuals working on the recovery.


Fundraising Campaign:

C Do is launching a nationwide fundraising campaign to directly benefit victims of the Flint Water Crisis that will include providing direct assistance for healthcare, residential repairs, and other services.  C Do is committed to transparent disclosure of the use of all fund raised.  


Walters, Woodson, Williams, Webber, Hacker, Owens, Grey and Lewis all serve on C Do’s Board of Trustees.  Walters serves as president, Woodson as vice president, Williams as secretary and Webber as treasurer.  The advisory board is under formation but includes Virginia Tech’s Dr. Marc Edwards, a nationally renowned expert on municipal water quality and leader of the Flint Water Study that worked with Flint residents to provide scientific proof of lead in Flint’s water. 


In the coming weeks, will launch behavioral health services support for all residents not covered under the federal Medicare Expansion Plan. Additionally, C Do will add a phone hotline and a website ( that will provide vital information and resources for residents as well as detailed documentation of all spending of the organization.  Future programs will be developed alongside C Do’s advisory board based on the needs of Flint residents and families.


C Do's filing for 501-3C tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Service is underway, during the filing process C Do will begin accepting donations via fiscal sponsorship.

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